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Photos by Damian Vines, Jayme Wiseman and What's Up!
Thank you Bellingham / Cascadia for an amazing run of six Sacred Bass Sessions! From November 2013 through May 2014, we've hosted 20 amazing DJs from around the Pacific Northwest, six yummy yoga session led by Bellingham's best instructors, over a dozen different facilitators (dancers, storytellers, meditation guides, painters, healers), the SynchroniciTEA House and thousands of bright and beautiful participants!

huge thanks to all of the performers, artists, yoga instructors, tea servers and volunteers — without whom we would not have been able to manifest this vision — and you… thank you for being an essential element of Sacred Bass Sessions too.

While we are scheming when and where to bring back Sacred Bass Sessions this fall, we've got a special event coming up this month at Presence Studio featuring a presentation on manifesting one's dreams, inspired yoga practice & meditation, community interaction & music — we hope you'll "Dream it Real" with us on Oct 18!

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Boogie Universal Arts Collective, Destination Burning Man and Acorn Productions, with support from the Institute for the Study of Bass Chakra Therapy.

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